Lebanese restaurant paying homage to the Beqaa Valley, a bountiful food and wine region of Lebanon.



It is the newest venture of hospitality aficionados Richard and Suzanne Pavlov, who also own the famous Brunswick Foodstore and catering venue, Willow and Graze. Bekka is aparticularly meaningful project for them as it is a celebration of their Lebanese heritage and a unique opportunity for them to share it with the world.

Bekka was born after a serendipitous trip to Lebanon where they experienced first-hand the remarkable hospitality of the locals. Richard and Suzanne, both second-generation Lebanese-Australians, were inspired to bring this passionate and wholesome cuisine back and share it with their local community.

Dining at Bekka is designed to be Mezza, a unique sharing experience of authentic and delicious Lebanese food. Richard and Suzanne were committed to staying true to their Lebanese heritage and so have created a sincerely authentic Lebanese menu, with traditional dishes that reflect the rich, powerful tastes of Lebanon.